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Movie night has never been so fun, even a classic choice needs a fun twist, every now and again, and that’s where this beauty comes in.

Sometimes all you want is a simple evening at home with the one you love; cuddling on the couch without it feeling like you’re in a constant rut. For that very reason, our mystery movie date now includes 3-5 mini quickfire games based on the mystery genre you’ll receive. There’s no better compromise to spark up the ordinary movie routine than chucking in guaranteed laughter, don’t you agree?


I've had to make the real tough decision to place Dandelion Date in a Box on hiatus for a couple of months. Believe me, when I say it's not a decision I've made lightly and be assured that this isn't goodbye and in no way the end of Dandelion Date in a Box, it's one hell of a 'We'll be back'. Dismiss