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Odette – Date Designer

My name is Odette, I own and operate Dandelion Date in a Box, and I’m married to the person that I chose to tolerate for the rest of my life. My incredible husbands’ name is John, and he’s a real pillar of support in every aspect of my life.

At the end of 2016, I found out that we were immigrating to New-Zealand. My husband was going to work odd hours, entirely different than what we are used to, at that stage. We had just gotten married after a 4-year relationship, and already we were going on another amazing adventure.

One thing that has always been extremely important to us is to spend quality time together, to catch up every week and this was going to be quite the challenge with all the changes. I started thinking about how we would incorporate regular date nights into our new lifestyle, and I was fully aware of the concept of date night box companies from around the world.

I began rumbling through the internet to find something similar in New-Zealand that we could use. And I came back blank, there was no current business, offering a similar service. I then decided I’ll just do it myself, I’ll make date night boxes we could use whenever, and I could choose absolutely anything we liked. We began making jokes that I should sell them. Clearly, there’s a market and who doesn’t like date nights, right? It stayed an inside joke until one night, out of the blue, my husband announced that I should just go for it.

I thought about it, and it is something that is right up my alley, I like making/arranging special things for others. I delved into more research and got my ducks in a row and officially launched Dandelion Date in a Box in September 2017, after many months of joking about it.

Similar business models from around the world usually consist of subscription boxes; where you don’t know what you get until you get it. Mystery date nights is a great idea, but hardly everybody’s cup of tea and right off the bat I wanted to offer couples the freedom to choose what date night themes interest them. This also offers me the freedom to not be limited to a dollar amount when creating your themed date nights. I can ‘go all out’ to make each date as special and memorable as possible by adding quality and not needing to spring for the most affordable option available when choosing products to add to these amazing boxes.

I firmly stand by my ‘signature’ of personalising each and every box that I sell because every couple deserves to feel like superstars.

#Winning – Date Idea Box Range

In June 2018 we upped our game to become New Zealand’s FIRST (and currently ONLY) local Date Idea Box suppliers.


Why I chose the name ‘Dandelion Date in a Box’:

From the very start, I knew I wanted a name that meant something to me. So, I got out my trusty notepad and started scribbling down ideas. I wanted people to know what I offer straight away, so Date in a Box was evident; but it was too commercial like for my taste, and it needed character.

After really thinking it through I decided to add Dandelion to the name because of the whimsical, wishes do come true characteristic it has. Plus, it brings back so many fond memories of when I was a little girl blowing dandelion wishes with my mom. And after all, I wanted to make couples date night wishes come true, so it was the perfect match.

Dandelion Date in a Box - John - Copyrighted



John is my husband, the love of my life and my biggest inspiration.

He is such a vital part of Dandelion Date in a Box; because this hunk gives me all the support I need to follow my dreams and fly high.

By day he’s a diesel mechanic, the rest of the time he’s the “guinea pig” for any ideas I have.